Rachel H., Communications Professional: “Jill… researches her subject matter carefully and is always aware of her audience–she speaks directly to them with her approachable style. Jill has an obvious passion for writing and for the outdoors, and she captures that passion through her words. She is articulate and willing to take on a writing challenge!”

Kara D., Executive Director: “… Jill writes beautifully. I have been impressed in her research and awareness. There are many things you need to be mindful of when engaging in physical activity when you have a bleeding disorder, Jill did a great job articulating this in her writing.”

Erin S., Executive Director, Founder After Cancer: “Her article on Self Advocacy with Sexual Dysfunction in Cancer Care was well-researched, addressing the needs of the After Cancer audience in an empathetic, informative, and helpful manner. She effectively represented After Cancer’s purpose and mission in a positive light.

“… our SME in reviewing other’s contributing articles and content. She was instrumental in the completion of our Style Guide to ensure submitted content aligns with the After Cancer’s style, mission, and vision.

“She has a gift. Her words are easy to read and engaging for the reader. Sexual health is the third most common concern for patients impacted by cancer, yet seldom addressed in a cancer care setting. Jill approaches this topic with sensitivity, giving our audience hope and solid resources, as well as practical calls to action.

“…I highly recommend working with her. I have come to expect “excellence” with every piece she delivers.”

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