About Me

Thorough, evidence-based research from well-vetted sources forms the foundation of the compelling content I craft for your audience with a voice of expertise and confidence.

Let’s fly into immersive and fun wellness and work-wellness content. The science and nature content I craft for your audience will breathe life and adventure into new discoveries.

Health content will give warm reassurance and actionable tools, and guide your audience through effective self-advocacy.

I will eagerly take any science or nature topic and spin it into an enthralling adventure shared in captivating and plain English. I have framed birdwatching into family special-ops missions, with ultimate kid engagement and enjoyment, leading to the triumph of discovery when they spot that bird in Nature’s game of I Spy.

Your SEO will be strategic and authentic with a combined variety of methodologies, true to the content, its intent, and your audience.

The calls to action will be easily attainable and improve the quality of your audience’s lives.

Your audience will benefit from complex topics crafted into plain English with an engaging and easily readable format.

Complex case management and ER nursing have made me aware of the various audiences’ wide variety of needs. The examples I give will be relatable and may coax a smile and get their mind off their problems momentarily. I will ensure the calls to action will make a definable difference and not overwhelm.

I am an Oncology Certified Nurse and have years of expertise in oncology, emergency room, clinical informatics, rare disease management, bleeding disorders, wellness, outdoor adventure, birding, hiking, and trail cycling.

I find refreshment, adventure, cognitive invigoration, wellness, solace, inspiration, and an enthralling world of discovery in nature and birds and my fingers itch to create content to guide others through these experiences in a well-researched, evidence-based manner.

I am professionally published in oncology sexual dysfunction, self-published in fun and engaging bird content and in thoroughly researched historical fantasy fiction with a strong element of science, establishing my comfort level with and enthusiasm for science content.

Wellness and workplace wellness content are incredibly useful for so many reasons. I will make your wellness content user-friendly, with the perfect twist of adventure and humor to keep it fun. I find this important for me, too. I find I don’t follow through unless it’s got a spark and is enjoyable. Your readers will want to practice workplace wellness. The calls to action will be enjoyable and so worth it.

With science and nature, I look forward to digging into these articles and blog posts for you. There are consistently new discoveries across these two worlds. Compelling will be the world for the kids’ content, but I can’t say it will compel them to clean their room. I will break down the complex into warm and conversational bits with adventure mixed in. The calls to action will be easily doable.

Health content will give warm reassurance & actionable tools, guiding your audience through effective self-advocacy.

Your publication can benefit from my Subject Matter Expertise in:

  • Oncology – medical and radiation
  • Birdwatching
  • Hiking
  • Trail cycling
  • Wellness through nature and green space
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Rare disease management
  • Symptom management
  • Palliative & supportive care
  • Sexual dysfunction in cancer survivors
  • Ostomy care
  • Complex case management
  • Healthcare self-advocacy
  • Navigating healthcare

I enjoy the adventure of researching and writing content that is fun and engaging for a wide variety of science and nature topics.

Schedule a discovery call to discuss what adventures in content I can create to make
your brand soar.

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